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Clubhouse Rules

We want everyone to have a fun and safe experience at the Clubhouse so we ask that all guests adhere to these rules at all times.

Shoes MUST be removed prior to entry into the seating and play areas.  We ask that you please leave shoes and strollers in the shoe room.

Socks are optional for younger children but ALL adults and older children must wear socks at all times, you may also wear house slippers if you would prefer.  We provide socks for a $1 charge should anyone forget. 

Upon arrival as well as after consuming any food or drink, mouths and hands must be wiped clean prior to entering the play area.  Please be considerate of our attempt to keep the Clubhouse as fun, clean, and safe as possible for yours and our other guest’s enjoyment.

Adult supervision of every child is required, no child should be left unattended within the facility at any time.  Your child’s safety is your responsibility.  Please, always be aware of how they are playing, what they are playing on, and who they are playing with.  The Clubhouse is not responsible for any accident or injury that may occur while on the premises.

Slides are to be used for sliding down and are designed for use by children.  Absolutely no climbing up the slides is allowed.  Please do not allow children to loiter at the bottom of the slides or in the landing area.

All equipment must be used in the manner for which it was designed.  Use all equipment and toys with care.  No roughhousing, dangerous play, or inappropriate behavior by children or adults.

Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed on the carpeted areas.  We request that all food be consumed within the café and not the lounge.

Please accompany young children when using the bathroom facilities.  Please be considerate of our guests and leave the bathroom in a state that you would like to find it and inform management immediately if you find our facilities in need of attention.

We request that if you suspect you or your child may be ill, please respect our wishes and our reputation and choose to visit us another day.

Chewing gum, chewing tobacco, smoking, and alcohol consumption are prohibited at all times.  Any individual exhibiting signs of alcohol or drug use will be asked to leave.

While we welcome groups, we do not allow any kind of birthday celebration, e.g. cake, presents, during open play hours.

Failure at anytime to follow any of the Clubhouse Rules is grounds for removal from the facility at management’s discretion.